Baekdal/Plus and Baekdal/Executive is focusing on the kind of topics that help define who you are as a publisher, your business, focus, news strategy, monetization, and much more, and because of this, the typical subscriber is either editors or media executives where their subscription is paid for by the publisher they work for.

But over the years, I have received many requests from independent journalists, either someone working freelance or somebody operating entirely on their own, that they would also like to read the Baekdal Plus articles and reports, but that they cannot afford to pay for it out of their own pockets.

I can certainly understand this. I am an independent publisher too.

So, to help you I have a special freelancer discount. If you use the promotion code: “freelance” when subscribing, you will get 50% off the regular price.

Now, please don’t misuse this. This is a special service for freelancers, but this site and my work exist entirely because of the subscription income I get, and if regular media people started taking advantage of this price, I would go out of business.

Thank you,
Thomas :)

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