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By Thomas Baekdal - April 2012

What You Need To Know This week (April/20)

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Just 23% of web users would say yes to cookies. This is not going to end well...

Retailers losing 1 in 20 sales through lack of mobile-enabled sites.

The New York Times Company in 2015. Trendlines - as of right now - don't point to its demise.

Pinterest is for direct interactions. It should lead people to your point of sale.

How Tumblr plans to attract brands & their money ...also focusing on in-stream advertising.

Netflix gets it: Arrested Development's 10 new episodes premiering at the same time <= interesting!

When life hands you cancer, make cancer-ade: via lemonade stand, 6yo boy raises $10K for dad's chemo.

Google is taking another step forward in ad measurements. Note to old media: This is why they are beating you!

Publishers Beware! More Creative Destruction on the Way:

Couldn't attract VC funding. Kickstarter Pebble Watch up to $4.3m with 30 days to go.

Physical media is dead - long live the app ...but isn't an app yet another container?

Hulu to advertisers: pay only for completed video ad views ...Digital = measurable results.

Artists Create Perfume That Smells Like Brand New MacBook Pro <= Mmmm the scent of Chinese factories :)

Zuckerberg did $1 billion Instagram deal on his own with money...

The 2080 Census: The World As We (Don't) Know It

Software reveals what makes a catchy movie line: <= interesting, but we need diversity.

Amazon extends '1-Click' payments to mobile: vs Google, I'll bring the popcorn :)

Advertising is not looking good: Facebook Ad Engagement Down 8% in U.S, cost up 41% - <= not just print anymore.

Netflix CEO calls out Comcast on net neutrality

Berg Explores The Future Of Touchable Movies <= Future? This is the same as Quicktime VR ...from 1994

And finally some fun. What happens when you give your dad an iPad: