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By Thomas Baekdal - June 2018

Episode 001: Dropping Facebook and GDPR Related Legal Case

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In this first episode of the Baekdal Plus Podcast, I'm talking about three things:

The first section is about the Podcast itself, and what it is about. What are my plans for this and what can you expect from it?

In short, the plan is to give you three things.

First, it's to give you an audio version of my Plus reports. Secondly, it's to give you a more 'at the moment' analysis of trends and changes that are important to know about right now, and finally (which will come later), it's to add a conversation element to it where I invite someone to join me on the podcast.

In the second section, we are looking at another experiment by a Danish newspaper who tried to see what would happen if they stopped using Facebook. This is a follow-up to an earlier experiment done back in January by a Danish TV station.

And finally, we are looking at one of the first legal cases that might be used as a precedent for upcoming GDPR legal battles.

You can also watch this on YouTube:


Show notes:


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Thomas Baekdal

Founder, media analyst, author, and publisher. Follow on Twitter

"Thomas Baekdal is one of Scandinavia's most sought-after experts in the digitization of media companies. He has made ​​himself known for his analysis of how digitization has changed the way we consume media."
Swedish business magazine, Resumé


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