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By Thomas Baekdal - November 2011

Social Computing, Interview and story

My friends over at has put together a massive two-hour long interview with Tom Erickson - a veteran researcher in social computing at IBM Watson Research Lab - and an even longer 9,000+ word chapter on the concepts surrounding social computing.

You can watch the interview below and read the whole thing at Interaction Design's site. It is perfect for a quiet moment this weekend!

Social Computing video 1 - Introduction to Social Computing


Social Computing video 2 - Three Best Practices and Three Major Pitfalls


Social Computing video 3 - Face-to-face Interaction as Inspiration for Designing Social Computing Systems


Social Computing video 4 - Urban Planning as Inspiration for Designing Social Computing Systems


Social Computing video 5 - How to do Research in Social Computing


Social Computing video 6 - Social Computing: Visibility versus Privacy Manipulation versus Persuasion


Social Computing video 7 - How to integrate Social Computing in the Enterprise


Social Computing video 8 - The Reason IBM values Social Computing


Social Computing video 9 - Ethics in Social Computing


Head over to to read the 9,000+ words, or to download the full things as an PDF for your iPad or ebook reader.


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