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By Thomas Baekdal - November 2011

3 Big Changes to Baekdal

Those of you who are following me on Twitter (or Google+), might have noticed that I have been more geeky than usual. The reason being that, for the past week, was working on some big changes to

Try Baekdal Plus free for one week

The biggest change is that I have reengineered Baekdal Plus. For most of 2011, I have had a bit of a problem. The feedback I was getting was that the paygate worked too much like a paywall - you could not see the content until you paid. This caused some of you to not subscribe because you couldn't see what Baekdal Plus was about.

At the same time, Baekdal Plus subscribers seem to be very happy with the content. The plus content has the highest read-rate and often exceeds the sharing rate of normal articles. And the unsubscribe rate is extremely low. The content needs to be more accessible to new readers. Less "wall" more "gate".

Many think Baekdal Plus is just articles. It's not. The average length of a Baekdal Plus report is 12 pages, and it focuses on advice, analysis or insight about specific topics of new media. Something you can really use.

Here are three samples:

You can now try Baekdal Plus free for one week. You have full access to all the content (excluding the books). You can freely share it ...and most important of all, it is really easy. Just type in your name, email and what password you want, and you will have instant access to the Plus content for one week.

This way, you can see what all the fuss is about before you subscribe.

Baekdal on every device and every platform

Another big change is that is now "responsive" - or at least that is what the web geeks call it. Meaning that the site can now be used on every device. From your big 27" Cinema Display, to your Macbook Air, your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus S, Kindle Fire, B&N Nook Color, Blackberry Playbook and even the new Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 7.

Any device, using any screen size, that supports HTML5 will work. Including the growing use of browsers that exist within 3rd party apps, like Flipboard, Zite, or the Twitter and Facebook apps.

And, of course, you can also read the content via any RSS reader, like Feedly (which is excellent, especially if you don't like the changes Google made to Google Reader).

Focus on "Beyond the shift"

The third big change I'm making to this site is not a technical, but editorial. For much of 2011, I have been focusing on explaining what the shift is all about.

I have been writing articles and books explaining that social commerce is not about creating a shop in a Facebook tab, but is instead the act and feeling of sharing. That mobile is not about the devices, but instead about the people using them. Mobile is the freedom to do what you want, whenever you want it - without being forced to go to a specific place or use a specific device. And that the shift from print to digital is not one of format, but rather a shift in control from the couriers and the creators to the readers.

I still have three more article coming about the shift itself, two about mobile and one about advertising.

But in 2012 I'm going to focus much more on the next step. You already know what the shift is all about. Now it's time to put that into action.

I will be focusing more on analysis that moves you forward, and less on what the world used to be like (and why that is changing).

I will also focus on the next shift. We have been talking about Twitter and Facebook for so long that it has become "old school". So what's next?

Baekdal Media

Since we are talking about changes, you might also have noticed that I have redesigned (and relaunched) Baekdal Media is my strategic consultant business (and the parent company of the magazine).

I have been working with a number of great companies (mostly startups) in 2011, so it was time to update and make it clear how I can help you.

One thing I'm very pleased with is my "special plan". The problem with strategic consulting (especially for startups) is that it is risky (and costly) to hire a consultant for an unspecified period of time.

So I have created the "Quick Strategy Review" product, in which I will look over your strategy, and write a report with my recommendations, for half a day, for a fixed price of $995. It's a cheap and fast way to get started, and there is no risk.

It's great for brands, publishers or startups who wants to get a "expert opinion" on a new idea, project or business plan.

Three products

All in all, there are three ways that I can help you.

I hope I can give you a great 2012!


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Thomas Baekdal

Founder, media analyst, author, and publisher. Follow on Twitter

"Thomas Baekdal is one of Scandinavia's most sought-after experts in the digitization of media companies. He has made ​​himself known for his analysis of how digitization has changed the way we consume media."
Swedish business magazine, Resumé


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