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By Thomas Baekdal - June 2011

Google Stop Kicking Your Fans in the Groins

As you probably know, Google is out with their new social service called Google+. It looks surprisingly interesting. It is extremely well designed. It has a ton of really exciting features and seems very well integrated.

Of course, I am saying all this based on the videos I have seen and the screen shots other people have taken... because, like many of you, I can't get in... I got a Google Apps account.

It simply baffles me that every single time Google launches a new project, the last people to gain access are their most dedicated fans. The people who have decided to upgrade their anonymous account with a real Google Apps accounts.

It is the same with the +1 button. I cannot use it, because again, am a Google Apps user. Or when I wanted to try out Google Buzz, but couldn't because my Google Apps gmail wasn't allowed. Or Google Wave... or YouTube (because I live in Denmark)...

It is like having a Google representative walk up to you with a big bag of goodies. He shows it to you, and just when you are the peak of your excitement, just when you really want to use it... **WHAM!!!** Google kicks you in the groins.

And you are standing, in agonizing pain, with tears swelling up in your eyes... completely baffled. What the hell just happened? Why were you kicked in the groins? You thought Google liked you. You like them... but... but why? Why Google?

It's like signing up to become a VIP customer, and then be told to wait until all the regular customers have had their fill. It is infuriating.

It is not rocket science, or even advanced algorithmic processing. Treat your most valuable customers first. If you cannot give it to everyone, at least give it to your Google Apps users first.

Come one Google... I love you guys. This should be a priority! ...Please!

Update: David Girouard, Head of Google Apps, tweeted: "Making Google+ work for Apps users is a very high priority for the team. Sorry to make you wait - we have to do it right."


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